Thursday, January 14, 2010

Daily Bible Reading - January 14 - Notes on the Transfiguration

When I was preaching through Mark a couple of years ago I found some excellent notes in various commentaries on the Transfiguration (Mark 9), and thought I would pass them on today since that is part of today's reading.

Parallels with Jesus and Moses in Exodus 24 & 34
-Both went up on a mountain (Mark 9:2; Ex. 24:15)
-In both account "six days" is specified (Mark 9:2; Ex. 24:14-15)
-Three men accompany each (Mark 9:2; Ex. 24:1, 9)
-Both Jesus and Moses shine (Mark 9:3; Ex. 34:29)
-God speaks in a cloud in both accounts (Mark 9:7; Ex. 24:18)
-People responded with fear (Mark 9:6; Ex. 34:30)

Parallels Between Jesus and Moses and Elijah
-All experienced theophanies on mountains
-All were suffering servants
-All experienced unusual events at end of life (resurrection in the case of Jesus, struggle over body in the case of Moses, translation into heaven in the case of Elijah)

Contrasts Between the Transfiguration and Crucifixion
-Two prophets vs two thieves
-Clothes shining vs clothes stolen
-Presence of three men vs three women
-Presence of Elijah vs. "He is calling Elijah"
-God from cloud "This is My Beloved Son" and Confession of centurion "Truly this man was the Son of God"

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