Thursday, January 7, 2010

Daily Bible Reading - January 7 - The Aftermath of Two Storms

Today's reading combines the aftermath of the flood of Noah (Gen. 9-11) with the calming of the storm by Jesus (Mark 4). You would think that such amazing miracles would have immediately and indelibly changed the people who witnessed them. But instead, Noah immediately gets drunk, leading to the shameful actions of Ham, followed by the prideful project of the tower of Babel, which leads to yet another display of judgment, as God confuses languages and scatters the nations. And while the disciples were certainly astonished by Jesus' power in calming the storm they will continue to battle pettiness and ignorance.

There is a difference between the will and the emotions. Emotions are reactive - sometimes even involuntary. But the will is reflective, and it is always voluntary. The phenomenal display of God's power in His miracles can induce great emotion (fear or awe), but that does not necessarily lead to a decision to change. Ideally, God's great power should lead us to reflect on our standing before Him, His authority over us, and the great judgment that awaits us all. But that only happens when see the message of the miracle, and not just its power.

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  1. Shane, you are doing an awesome job with these reading summaries. Keep up the good work brother. These are very helpful.