Thursday, February 18, 2010

Daily Bible Reading - February 18 - Leviticus for the Restivus

Undoubtedly the book of Leviticus has derailed more attempts to read the Bible through in a year than any other book. The intricate system of sacrifices is just so foreign to us that it can be difficult to wade through all the details found in the book. However, it is part of Scripture, and Paul said that all scripture is profitable in 2 Timothy 3:16-17. What can we learn from Leviticus that will truly be profitable?

Certainly in the first few chapters we learn about how God feels toward sin. Some lessons that leap out to me:
1. God hates sin.
2. God demands that sin be punished.
3. God demands that death be the punishment for sin.
4. God will accept a substitute.
5. God will only accept a perfect substitute.

These lessons help point us toward the ultimate perfect sacrifice for our sins, Jesus.

In that regard, I think my buddy Mark Roberts (who organized the particular schedule I am following) was wise to accompany the reading of Leviticus with Hebrews. It is really impossible to understand the argument of the writer of Hebrews without a good knowledge of the Levitical system, which is one more reason to read Leviticus.

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