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Qualities of Elders/Overseers/Shepherds

The Qualities of Elders/Overseers/Shepherds

The English translation in quotation marks is from the ESV. All definitions are from BDAG. Many thanks to my friend Tom Hamilton for organizing the qualities in these categories (and for thinking of them as qualities rather than qualifications). I did not define the terms that are self-evident.

Same Terms in Timothy and Titus

·      “Husband of one wife” - μις γυναικς νδρα (mias gynaikos andra), one woman/wife man/husband
·      “Self-controlled” -  σώφρων (sōphrōn), pert. to being in control of oneself, prudent, thoughtful, self-controlled
·      “Hospitable”
·      “Not a drunkard”
·      “Not violent” -  πλήκτης (plēktēs), pugnacious person, bully

Synonymous Terms in Timothy and Titus

In Timothy
·      “Above reproach” - νεπίλη(μ)πτος (anepilēmptos), irreproachable 
·       “Sober-minded” – νηφάλιος (nēphalios), pert. to being restrained in conduct, self-controlled, level-headed 
·       “Able to teach” – διδακτικός (didaktikos), skillful in teaching
·      “Not a lover of money”
·      “Keeping his children submissive”

In Titus
·      “Above reproach” - νέγκλητος (anenklētos), blameless, irreproachable
·      “Disciplined” - γκρατής (enkratēs), pert. to having one’s emotions, impulses, or desires under control, self-controlled, disciplined
·      “Able to give instruction” δυνατός (dynatos), pert. to being capable or competent…specificially, w. ref. to an area of competence or skill…skilled, adept…Tit 1:9 be expert in exhortation.
·      “Not greedy for gain”
·      “His children are believers” – πιστός (pistos), pertaining to being worthy of belief or trust, trustworthy, faithful, dependable pert. to being trusting, trusting, cherishing…also means believing (in Christ), a (Christian) believer…Tit 1:6.

Terms Only in Timothy

·      “Respectable” -  κόσμιος (kosmios), pert. to having characteristics or qualities that evoke admiration or delight, an expression of high regard for pers., respectable, honorable pers…1 Ti 3:2.
·       “Gentle” – πιεικής (epieikēs), not insisting on every right of letter of law or custom, yielding, gentle, kind, courteous, tolerant.
·       “Not quarrelsome” - μαχος (amachos), peaceable
·      “Not a recent convert”
·      “Well thought of by outsiders”

Terms Only in Titus

·      “Not arrogant” - αὐθάδης (authadēs), self-willed, stubborn, arrogant
·      Not quick-tempered”
·      “A lover of good” – φιλάγαθος (philagathos), loving what is good (in the Gr-Rom. world a characteristic of an esp. respected and responsible citizen) Tit 1:8.
·      “Upright” – δίκαιος (dikaios), pert. to being in accordance with high standards of rectitude, upright, just, fair.
·       “Holy” - σιος (hosios), pert. to being without fault relative to deity, devout, pious, pleasing to God, holy.

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