Friday, February 15, 2013

Notes on Jeremiah 11-13

The Broken Covenant (11:1-17)
As we discussed in 2:9, prophets were preachers of the covenant, serving as prosecutors on behalf of the Lord. In 11:1-8, the Lord tells Jeremiah to remind them of the words of the covenant (11:2, 6), as well as the curse that would come upon the one who does not obey (11:3, reflecting Deut. 28).

The Spiritual Resurrection Body

One of the biggest challenges to understanding the Scriptures is understanding what the biblical text meant to those for whom it was written. It is very easy to superimpose our own ideas onto the text and filter the Scriptures through our own interpretative grid rather than understand what the inspired author actually meant. As an illustration of this point, consider Paul's description of the resurrection body in 1 Corinthians 15:44:

Monday, February 11, 2013

Sermon: Do You Love Me? John 21:15-19

Not long ago announced that I was going to do a series on mistakes I had made in preaching. One member said such a series would take several years! But like a lot of preachers, when I look back on lessons I have preached, I often cringe. Made lots of mistakes.

One of the most common ones was to misuse word studies. To think that the answer to every question about a passage was to try to understand the Hebrew or Greek. The most important task of Bible study is careful attention to the English text. I’d like to illustrate that with passage in John 21:15-17, and then draw some applications from this story.